Turó d’en Mota, among top wines of the last two centuries

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Revue du Vin de France has included Turó d’en Mota and Reserva Particular de Recaredo among a selection of iconic wines for understanding the history of wine in Spain

The magazine  Revue du Vin de France has included Turó d’en Mota and Reserva Particular de Recaredo among 25 landmark Spanish wines of the last two centuries. The two wines are lauded as iconic sparkling wines of the 1960s and 2000s, respectively.

The French wine publication – one of the most influential in Europe – also highlights Recaredo’s role as a pioneer in the production of ‘cru’ wines in the Penedès region. The article singles out Recaredo as one of the most avant-garde winemakers in the Penedès, emphasising the winery’s commitment to preserving the authenticity and wine-making identity of the Corpinnat territory through its wines. According to Revue, “Recaredo points the way to a modernity that involves refocusing on the land and the plant.”


Turó d’en Mota y Reserva Particular, iconic wines by La Revue

As an example of what can be achieved through this approach, the critics select Turó d’en Mota de Recaredo 2004, noting that it is a sparkling wine that reinvented the concept of ‘cru’ wines in Catalonia in the 2000s: “Turó d’en Mota reinvented – or rather invented – the idea of a cru among Catalan sparkling wines – a concept that, before the creation of this wine, was foreign to the region’s sparkling wines.”

The French publication also describes Reserva Particular de Recaredo 2008 as one of the most original sparkling wines of its time and a pioneer in the use of long ageing in oak barrels, which was uncommon in the years when it was made. “Reserva Particular is representative of the winery’s traditional focus and clearly reflects Recaredo’s determination to pursue long ageing, an innovative style in the 1960s,” the Revue critics write.

According to Ferran Junoy, Recaredo’s General Manager, the article “is a recognition of our commitment as winegrowers and winemakers specialized in long-ageing sparkling wines but, before all else, it is an acknowledgement to the extraordinary potential of making terroir sparkling wines in the Penedès region”.