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Barcelona Monvínic Experience

“For each winemaker see the fruit of their work immortalized through an unpublished work composed by world-renowned musician and a writer pen, is a very unique and emotional recognition. Being able to join wine, music and literature is something wonderful that makes a particular enthusiasm”

Sergi Ferrer-Salat
November 2011

Turó d’en Mota according…

Omar Sosa
Pianist and compositor

Nominated several times for a Latin Grammy

El Turó d’en Mota according…

Empar Moliner
Journalist and writer

“You have arrived at a private party. A party where not everyone is welcome; you have to be a friend of the host to get in. you have to be ready. The party is cheerful but full of nostalgia, and you’re not sure why. To some extent, an insular party. It is decorated with the most elegant drapery. The well-dressed waiters, light on their feet, walk on carpet to avoid making a noise, in the French style. This is not a boisterous wedding party. It is more like a liturgy. It is the debut of a woman who only yesterday was a little girl, but who, without you noticing, has grown up to be a beautiful woman.

This woman’s beauty is her subtlety, a magnificent homage. After so many years, the moment has come for her to lift her veil, so transparent and yet so opaque. And this she does. And her beauty surprises no-one, because it is so natural, to some extent it was expected. She is a queen. But she is humble and respectful, wearing a long dress, she would never dream of showing her legs or arms. She is modest, but also aware of her longevity. She is the canon. Her beauty is difficult to explain, but after a while, if we close our eyes, we can picture her still.”