Memoirs of a landscape, a time

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Turó d’en Mota is the fruit of nature itself, helped along by people who observe and respect its laws. With Turó d’en Mota, one has a sense of more than just a vine. We see a collection of vines or, rather, of living beings that have stoically withstood the passing of the seasons since 1940. To uproot one would be to uproot ourselves. So, from the hill, cloaked by vineyards, we are dwarfed by the landscape, we melt into it, become a part of it.

A single vineyard and a single variety; a variety of specific xarel.lo vines. Some are friends; others are companions, or family… All have undoubtedly shared countless experiences, yet still compete for the often scarce resources. Through competition and collaboration, they offer magnificent grapes, year after year.

Goblet-trained, the vines face north, on the flanks of a hill known as Turó d’en Mota. They stand on a privileged soil, with small knots of limestone to be overcome before the reach the bedrock. The sun is on their backs, and a gentle slope leaves them exposed as far as the mountain of Montserrat. In appreciation of viticulture based more on observation than intervention, the oldest xarel.lo vines offer the essence of the limestone soil and the Mediterranean microclimate in which they have grown.

Ten years in contact with the lees; the ageing process is long and painstaking, producing the subtlest and most complex nuances of the expression of time. They conjure up memories of Mediterranean scrubland, the fresh aromas of a warm climate, with notes of fennel, rosemary and thyme. The most austere nuances come from the soil directly and boldly. Delicacy, grace and richness are granted by time.

Turó d’en Mota is a way of explaining our history; it is a memory, a way of relating to each other, of getting to know one other. Above all, it is a chace to appreciate a landscape.


Ton Mata
3rd generation of Recaredo Family